Increase Your SEO by Publishing Your Digital eBook on Amazon

With electronic readers growing in popularity the business implications are truly significant. Readers including Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony’s eReader, and the iPad are quickly reaching a critical mass amongst avid readers and early adopters. Thanks to Daniel Hall of Real Fast Book Program and Denise Wakeman, I have wonderful news about why […]

Make Your 2011 Business Planning Easy

Get ready, Get Set, Go… Do you feel ready for the new year? I didn’t. Maybe you’re like me and you really need to get to that business plan for 2011, but haven’t. I was completely inspired today when I came across this video by Brian Johnson.  I thought I would highlight today his very […]

Simple and Profitable Marketing Follow-Up Systems

Following up with members of your target market is critical to your momentum and business success. My colleague and founder of Productive Learning and Leisure, Rick Itzkowich, put together this great video demonstrating why follow up and following through with potential clients can boost your revenue. Often times the biggest mystery is how to systematize […]

Hypnotherapy Helps Me Be a Better Social Media Consultant

You may have noticed that in addition to my 20 years of marketing experience and my passion for social media that I also hold a Hypnotherapy certification and retain a strong practice. I was waiting for the day when someone would ask me about the connection and fit between hypnosis and my marketing services. Well […]