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How To Market To Millennials

Ryan Charles is a Classic Millennial open and creative guy with advice on how to market to Gen Y. Ever since I met him over a year ago, I noticed his fun loving attitude and highly sociable nature. So when he mentioned to me that he was asked to help with marketing to Generation Y, I wanted […]

The Best Business Development Strategy For Entrepreneurs – Public Speaking

The single most effective business development strategy for entrepreneurs is public speaking. As a marketing strategist for over 22 years, the small businesses I’ve seen grow the fastest are the ones where the leadership is speaking to groups of ideal prospective clients, colleagues, and other professionals who serve the same market. This is how I […]

7 Keys To Being A Small Business Influencer [Infographic]

For the second year in a row, I’ve been honored with a nomination for the Small Business Influencer Award 2013.  This year it has inspired me to take a look at how one becomes a business or person of influence and what the value of that is. Over the years of growing my practice, I […]

Tucker Max Bad Ass… Not! Publishing Model Revealed at Traffic & Conversion Summit

Ryan Deiss Warns #TCS2013 Audience About Tucker Max  Perhaps it’s just me, but I think Tucker Max’s brand of being an ass____ is all worn out. During the conference as a means of promotion and managing expectations, Ryan Deiss warned the audience that explicit use of offensive language would be a part of Tucker Max’s presentation. […]

Kick Your Webinar Results Up A Notch With “The Webinar Way”

There are many more than 5 reasons to read the newly released book, “The Webinar Way,” but I’m going to give you 5 Really Good Reasons that will kick your webinar results up a notch. Let me first introduce myself.  My name is Sherrie Rose and I am the author of The Webinar Way along […]

3 Ways To Impress Your Customers Using Social Media

Businesses are flocking to social media at an unprecedented rate. Many businesses are growing their following and brand popularity because they are doing things right. Some brands, however, are like those birds that don’t really know where they’re going and slam into a wall or window unexpectedly.  Like the birds, brands can “miss the mark” […]

Read Your Client’s Mind and Develop High Power Marketing Strategies

Who knew that the writing techniques for character development could be used in developing a successful marketing strategy? During a recent Social Buzz U webinar, Lana McAra explained how to get clear on what your clients want and integrate that information into your online and offline marketing strategies. If you want to make more money […]

Transform Your Life Like Oprah & Bill Gates with a 10 Mindset

Debbie Bermont reveals how to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy! According to Debbie Bermont a recent guest on Social Buzz University a 10 Mindset is defined as living your highest potential and living with 100% confidence in your goals such that you […]

Navigating Trade Shows (Like Blog World) for the Beginner and Win

Though Blog World LA has come and gone I am left with some great memories and lessons learned. This was my first time being at Blog World. If you’re not familiar with Blog World it is one of the largest conventions for bloggers. I’m not sure any first timer really knows how-to prepare for an […]