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Social Media Influence and The Election 2012

On the eve of the 2012 Presidential Election, social media marketers can’t help but wonder… how has social media impacted the election? There are lots of polls going on and even predictions being made based upon interactions and mentions of candidates on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Can social media mentions, shares, and likes […]

Kick Your Webinar Results Up A Notch With “The Webinar Way”

There are many more than 5 reasons to read the newly released book, “The Webinar Way,” but I’m going to give you 5 Really Good Reasons that will kick your webinar results up a notch. Let me first introduce myself.  My name is Sherrie Rose and I am the author of The Webinar Way along […]

11 Important Reasons to Move to The Big Storage Unit In The Sky

No, this isn’t about the afterlife.  It’s about how you can store files someplace that never runs out of room, and back up your important data in a safe place outside your home or office. Corporations store their data backup in salt mines and high security off-site locations.  That’s a little extreme (and expensive) for […]

Tribute to Stephen Covey Small Business Wisdom – Part 1

The first book I read when I graduated college was Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It had just been published and I am forever grateful for this fortuitous timing. His work opened the door to my career journey as a business coach, marketing consultant, hypnotherapist, and social media strategist. Stephen Covey died the day […]

Simple Social Media Strategies for Becoming A Best Selling Amazon Author

Recently I met Marilyn Suttle, author of the Amazon Best Seller, “Who’s Your Gladys, How To Turn Even The Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan” who immediately informed me that her book went to best seller status because of social media.  The social media strategies she employed are unique and not the first ones […]

How To Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Fan Page – Fast

Since it’s rapidly growth report in January, using Pinterest for business is proving to get results like more website traffic. This pin board based social networking site has risen to the 3rd most used social network and should definitely be integrated with the rest of your social media and online marketing strategy… including adding Pinterest […]

Read Your Client’s Mind and Develop High Power Marketing Strategies

Who knew that the writing techniques for character development could be used in developing a successful marketing strategy? During a recent Social Buzz U webinar, Lana McAra explained how to get clear on what your clients want and integrate that information into your online and offline marketing strategies. If you want to make more money […]

LinkedIn Works Even If You’re a Social Media Newbie Like Judie

LinkedIn can work well for the novice… who has common sense. A few months ago LinkedIn suggested I connect with someone I might know. Her name is Judie Keys. Judie is a local San Diego Hypnotherapist and New Life Coach for abused people. I reached out to her to connect on LinkedIn and much to […]

Best Project Management Tool with Staying Power BizPad

Stumped with organizing projects, keeping track of document changes, and the email communication overload with regard to changes on various business projects, I started using the BizPad project management tool. Unlike Basecamp, ManyMoon, PivotalTracker, TeamWorkpm, Google Docs, and countless others that I have tried and abandoned, BizPad has had the BEST staying power for me […]