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How To Conquer Social Media Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated and downright stuck in your small business? You’re not alone. I hear people say stuff like this all the time especially when they want to conquer social media overwhelm. Overwhelm occurs when you feel like you have so much to do and can’t possibly see how you can get it […]

The Role of Intuition In Business

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Abby Gooch on her Intuition to Income Global Summit about my perspective on intuition in business and social media. This was such a unique interview as the conversation combined some personal development wisdom with how to grow a business. Social media actually is a great place to use your intuition […]

Why You Need To Grow Your Email List

If you’re in business, your success in today’s digital world can be hugely amplified if you grow your email list. Many rising entrepreneurs are so proud when they finally get their new website up and announce it to the world. They have a beautiful logo created and included pages like about us, contact us, services […]

How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral [Infographic]

Recently, I was asked “How can I make a blog post go viral?” This article is an expansion on the six steps I outlined. In fact, one of the things that helps me write original content for blog posts are questions from clients, social media followers and colleagues. Having just come from Social Media Marketing […]

How to Get a Jump Start on New Year’s Resolutions

Although I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, the power of resolve can transform your life. The key is not to make it an annual thing. Rather, resolve starts the moment it is created. If you have some new year’s resolutions and want them to “work”, you must fuel them from the moment […]

Social Media Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re using social media for business or personal use, it’s important to know the rules of the road. I’m always amazed at how people feel compelled to act completely opposite of what they would do in real life (IRL).  It’s almost as if some alter-ego is coming out. That being said, social networking is […]

Tucker Max Bad Ass… Not! Publishing Model Revealed at Traffic & Conversion Summit

Ryan Deiss Warns #TCS2013 Audience About Tucker Max  Perhaps it’s just me, but I think Tucker Max’s brand of being an ass____ is all worn out. During the conference as a means of promotion and managing expectations, Ryan Deiss warned the audience that explicit use of offensive language would be a part of Tucker Max’s presentation. […]

Zig Ziglar Quotes: A Man Who Message Lives On

Zig Ziglar became a business mentor to me starting in the 1991 when I read his book See You At The Top. It was at this time that I began my journey to mastering the art of networking and marketing. On November 28, 2012, although he had passed away, his teaching came alive for me […]

Pinterest Tips: Secret Boards, Pin It Button and Verify Website

Pinterest announced this week “Secret Boards.” According to Pinterest, “Secret boards give you a place for things you’re not quite ready to share yet, like a surprise party, special gift ideas, or even planning for a new baby. We’re testing out the feature.” They have started with allowing accounts to have 3 secret boards. I […]