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Ryan Deiss Warns #TCS2013 Audience About Tucker Max 


Perhaps it’s just me, but I think Tucker Max’s brand of being an ass____ is all worn out. During the conference as a means of promotion and managing expectations, Ryan Deiss warned the audience that explicit use of offensive language would be a part of Tucker Max’s presentation. It was the topic of a couple of conversations in the halls and at dinner too. I was getting myself prepared to be utterly offended. Nonetheless, I was curious enough to risk that to bear witness to what everyone was in awe of about this guy.

Yes, Tucker is smart, funny and uses a bunch of choice “F” words. To me, he actually seemed a little bored of his own reputation. He basically admitted that he’s over the stupid antics of his twenties. In his interview with Andrew Keen of TechCrunch he was completely cool (no offensive language whatsoever).

Tucker Max’s latest books are “Hilarity Ensues” and “I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell” are aligned with his bad ass persona and may offend some, but his appearance at the Traffic and Conversion Summit was somewhat educational and more revealing of a experienced, informed, and even supportive online marketer.

The Tucker Max Hybrid Publishing Model

After all the hype, Tucker appeared as a regular guy with a story about how he’s worked the publishing world. He has built his reputation using his aggressive humor style. He started when he had nothing to lose, did and said some outrageous things, and built his following to extensive heights. When he landed his first publishing deal he did all his own marketing, press, web traffic, a giant subscriber list and built his audience.

Tucker pointed out that big 6 Publishers at this point are mainly printing books, storing them in warehouses, delivering them to major booksellers stores, collecting money from them and dealing with returns. According to Tucker Max they are not even that good at book cover design and editing. Back in the early publishing days it made more sense for publishers to receive the majority of book sales revenue because there were a lot of barriers to entry into the book publishing world.  Today, however, publishers offer a lot less value to their authors and shouldn’t get as much of a percentage.

So Tucker has negotiated a publishing services agreement with Simon and Schuster to get 89% of net receipts.  Given his past success this makes total sense for him and the publisher. The publisher eliminated all their risk because Tucker Max is responsible for printing and distribution costs.  In other words, new authors should not try this. If you have a fan base and know the estimated sales you can generate based upon past performance this hybrid model may just be for you.

Exposed: The Real Tucker Max is Actually A Supportive Caring Guy

Yes, I did say supportive. This was fully demonstrated at the Traffic and Conversion Summit when Jennifer Aderhold, of, got up to the microphone to ask a question and admitted she would have rather approached Tuker in the hallway after. But since Tucker had just said NOT to do that, she got up and through some light tears asked her question. Tucker’s response included this supportive comment, “See, this is the worse thing that could happen and you survived. I’m actually helping you grow.”  Now that doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t care about others. In fact, it shows some wisdom, caring and insight on Tucker’s part. I think Tucker’s brand of an ass___ is bunk. He’s a good guy with a persona that he no longer really wants to live into.

Ryan Deiss also added tremendous support and they both went on to answer her question about “Writers’ resistance to marketing because they feel they are selling out to the marketing world.” Tucker offered the suggestion of using alternative words to use in place of “marketing,” and Ryan suggested that writers who put their best stuff out there are going to make it.  If they don’t, the market won’t respond positively.

Tucker Max’s appearance at the Traffic and Conversion Summit was a bust if he was trying to continue his outdated bad ass reputation. Perhaps he’ll create a new one that is compelling based upon who he is authentically, and facilitates transformation that he is quite capable of offering.

Even TechCrunch Interview Reveals Tucker Max as a Good Guy

You can see for yourself the interview with Tucker Max. There is not even one offensive word in the interview here. GoTucker.