The first book I read when I graduated college was Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It had just been published and I am forever grateful for this fortuitous timing. His work opened the door to my career journey as a business coach, marketing consultant, hypnotherapist, and social media strategist.

Stephen Covey died the day after (July 16, 2012) the voting for the Small Business Influencer Awards began. Since he was my first unofficial mentor in the world of small business and coaching, I decided to gather up some of his profound quotes and have graphics made to pay tribute to his work and his contribution to small businesses everywhere! 20 quotes for 20 days of voting. I distributed them across my social networks to pay tribute to this amazing man.

To this day, when I open up Stephen R. Covey’s book (yes, the same one I bought years ago) and read some of the highlights I have made, the words ring so true, they validate my path and the guidance I have offered to others, that I am still in awe of the work and wisdom Mr. Covey offered.

I offer you the first 10 quotes for your contemplation, integration, comments and questions. Let’s continue to dialogue about these empowering personal and business topics and honor the legacy of Stephen Covey so it may continue to enrich our lives fully.

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