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make-a-blog-go-viral-megaphoneRecently, I was asked “How can I make a blog post go viral?” This article is an expansion on the six steps I outlined. In fact, one of the things that helps me write original content for blog posts are questions from clients, social media followers and colleagues. Having just come from Social Media Marketing World conference and listening to several experts I pulled much of the following tips from the experts there.

6 ESSENTIAL steps to making a blog post go viral.

1- Write To Give Value

First, take the advice of Jay Baer, author of Youtility, offer content that is “genuinely and inherently useful.” In other words, write a blog post that is helpful and of high value to your audience. The topic/content should either bestow knowledge they would otherwise pay for, be entertaining, or strike an emotional chord. You can embed video if you’re not much of a writer. Then you can use the transcription of the video as your written content. People don’t have time to waste. So don’t waste their time. Make it useful, concise, yet complete.

2- Craft a Viral Headline

Give your blog post a headline/title that is compelling. I find that headlines which begin with “How To…”, “Secrets To…”, or “7 Strategies for… ” catch my readers attention most. Here’s another example viral-friendly headline: “The Reason Your Not Losing Weight.” In other words, the topic you choose to write about should reveal a burning perceived need of your audience and resolve it. For example, the title of this article, 6 Steps to Making a Blog Post Go Viral is focused on the need of thought leaders, businesses, and bloggers who want to get more visibility to their blog.

3- Visuals Go Viral

The social web is filled with images and it’s not a mysterAy why. The brain can process an image 60,000 times faster than text . If you want a blog post going viral, use visuals by including an image in your blog post.  Blog posts with images are more inviting and easier to share. (See step 5 for one additional reason you need at least 1 image). Did you notice the #infographic trend that started in 2012 and continues today? Yes, infographics count as images and are one of the best types of images that can make a blog post go viral. Therefore, the best place to house infographics are in your blog posts.  In fact, this Hubspot article by Amanda Sibsley shared research that infographics have shown to increase blog traffic by 12%.

4-Optimize Your Blog Post for Google

Google loves great content. It’s getting better and better at recognizing high-value content with their ever evolving algorithms. If you’ve got in-depth content rich articles, why not let the search engine know it by choosing the best keyword phrases. Optimize your post for Google Search. At the Social Media Marketing World 2014 conference, content marketing expert Andy Crestodina, recommended that you use your keyword phrase in the title tag, H1, and 4-6 times in the body. He also indicated that after testing various blog lengths for a variety of companies, they found that 1500 word blog posts rank higher than shorter posts.

5- Use Social Media To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Be sure and share your shiny new blog post to your social networks. What a better way to keep your followers, fans and connections engaged. Use the social sharing buttons on your blog post. You can even pin your post to Pinterest. And why not give Instagram a shot. If you have an infographic you can crop the title and share the image with a hashtag and link to the post. The link will not be an active link, but users can copy and paste it nonetheless.

6-Use The Power of The Tribe

If you really want your blog post to go viral then you MUST have a tribe of influencers who are willing to share you content. That’s why I co-founded the Social Buzz Club. We have a group of savvy online networkers (from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses) who help your blog post go viral using our gamified content amplification platform. It’s a really cool member site that can increase traffic to your blog by 70% or more. After you publish your post, you can submit it to the Social Buzz Club feed for our influencer members to share to THEIR social networks. A blog post really only goes viral when others share the link to their followers. So get your tribe buzzing for you. A power tribe is one that is reciprocal. So that’s why Social Buzz Club is so effective. Before any influencer can submit their content for sharing, they must share others’ blog posts first. Check it out for yourself and thrive with your tribe.

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How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral

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  1. This is a great roundup, Laura!

    Thanks for mentioning my advice about keywords. The part about being visual is also super important. A post without an image is like a letter without a stamp. It doesn’t really go anywhere…

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