There are many more than 5 reasons to read the newly released book, “The Webinar Way,” but I’m going to give you 5 Really Good Reasons that will kick your webinar results up a notch.

Let me first introduce myself.  My name is Sherrie Rose and I am the author of The Webinar Way along with Jim Kukral.  I am well known for my unique pencil sketch profile image.

I wrote this book for people who are getting started with webinars.  Even seasoned webinar professionals have told me they have learned excellent tips from the book.  Many people start webinars because they are thrown into it and have not had any proper guidance or training.  When done properly, you will see great results. Like the subtitle of the book says, webinars are the #1 single, most effective way to promote your services, drive leads, and sell a ton of products!   Foreword is by Mari Smith.

5 Really Good Reasons to Read “The Webinar Way”

 1) Why Webinars Benefit YouMany entrepreneurs and businesses are being left in the digital dust because they are not showing up, “live and in-person,” to educate, engage, entertain and enrich their customers.  That is where webinars come in.  In the Webinar Quick Start you will discover the W*A*M*O* Approach. If the webinar is the medium, your message must make sense to your audience with a message to market match.  Check out the 3C by 3T Matrix to see the core of your webinar across time elements.

2) Your Next Payday – Webinars are THE #1 Way to present and educate your prospective customers to bring them to a buying decision so you profit. Your customer profit because of the value they receive with your product or service.  In the world of webinars, the ultimate currency is experience.  You may benefit financially, but everyone benefits from the enriching xperience.   With webinars, you convert the conversation into currency.  All of the readers receive The Webinar Way Profit Calculator track and gather metrics and verify webinar sales conversion rates. 

3) 7 PILLARS OF THE WEBINAR WAY – The 7 Pillars of The Webinar Way are principles that you can use no matter if the fashion or style of presentations change or the technology changes.  Simply put, the pillars are: Perspective, Plan, Promote, Present, Power Position, Pitch, and Partner.

They all have their place but the 5th Pillar, Power Position, is one that is unique to the presenter.  For instance, in business, I go by the title, The Liking Authority, which refers to two principles made famous by author Robert Ciadlini because “People prefer to say ‘yes’ to those they know and like,” and “People respect authority. They want to follow the lead of real experts.”  As you broadcast your way to success with webinar fame, the importance of Liking and Authority are major factors for participants to respect you as the expert on your webinar.

4) Live The Ultimate Lifestyle with Webinars –   The Ultimate form of freedom is the laptop lifestyle and the ultimate form of recurring riches in the webinar lifestyle.  By adding the strategies and techniques to automate and create perpetual profits with a high-converting webinar you truly can be on vacation and still make money.

5) It’s the Free Bonuses, Baby! The Webinar Resource list is a fantastic resource with access to The Webinar Way Profit Calculator, Persuasion Maps, audio interviews with experts and many other valuable links.  You can even claim a free strategy session for your webinar.

Coincidentally, these five good reasons correspond to the five parts of the book so you can easily go and reference the details.

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Sherrie Rose is the author of The Webinar Way.   Find her social connections here. Download The Webinar Way book on Kindle today.

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