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Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Abby Gooch on her Intuition to Income Global Summit about my perspective on intuition in business and social media. This was such a unique interview as the conversation combined some personal development wisdom with how to grow a business. Social media actually is a great place to use your intuition as a business owner. When you follow your intuitive guidance system, your results will be far greater than if you don’t. If you really want to get on top of your game online and offline, then cultivating your intuitive nature will catapult you to higher levels of success and fulfillment. I invite you to listen in, comment and offer your suggestions too. To further the learning, feel free to share the wisdom nuggets on social media and link back to this post.

How To Use Intuition In Business and Life Success

The interview will inspire you. Here are some of Coach Laura’s take away tips that she revealed about intuition in this interview. Feel free to share them as you are inspired.

When you can tap into and trust your intuition, your business decisions become much easier and success flows.

The question is more important than the answer. For you can only see the answer when you ask the right questions. click to tweet. So practice asking deeper questions that your heart of hearts wants the answer to. You may have to ask your brain and thinking to step aside to feel what your heart is truly asking for to get to the most powerful questions.

Our feelings are so important. When we go within and listen to our feelings we are honoring our soul.

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When we try to ignore, avoid, or suppress our feelings, we are dissing our soul. click to tweet

The emotions that challenge us are precious. They are the keys to transformation. When we step into and trust that there is a gift available by exploring these feelings, then the answers, healing and resolution appear. So be curious about the feelings you have. Welcome them. Treat them to some time and attention. Realize that you wouldn’t feel the negative unless you had a craving for the positive.

Intuition always plays a part in business. It is your power tool. When you can make effective decisions quickly, you can get results faster, save time and avoid expenses. That is all possible by tuning in. The first key is being clear on your business purpose and the intention that has to do with the decision you are making.

For a long time I wondered what it meant love myself more. I heard the words but they didn’t mean much to me but I kept being open to “getting it”. Then one day a mentor said to me, how would you treat your best friend and what would you say to her. In each moment, I started asking myself (especially when I was not feeling great). The answers included be kind, say something supportive, treat her to a nice meal, movie or massage.

Give Yourself A Mini-Vacation Gift Right Now

During this interview I offer you a free guided relaxation audio. Listening to this is like take a mini-vacation. Get access here:

Take 15 minutes a day for you to relax and rejuvenate your soul. It will do you a world of good. Chances are you’ll be thinking clearer, working more efficiently, and attracting more deals as you approach your work from a more relaxed and re-energized place. Tune in to you and enjoy the journey and reap the benefits of using intuition in your business.reenergize now meditation