How To & What To Retweet On Twitter

Are you a retweeter? Have you wondered what the RT in front of a tweet means? If you’re new or a veteran at retweeting, here are the important things to know about retweeting.

Twitter Retweet Feature

When someone posts a great tip, inspiring quote, link to good information or important news, using the retweet function in twitter allows you to propagate this message to your followers using the Retweet link at the bottom right of every posted tweet.

retweet link

However, Twitter does not allow you to retweet your own tweets. You won’t find the Retweet link anywhere on your own tweets when you’re logged into your own account.

When you do use the retweet link, the nice thing is one click and it’s done.

To verify what posts you’ve retweeted and to see who has retweeted your posts, there is a handy link on the right column of your twitter account that says RETWEETS. It will show you others who have recently retweeted. Those who have retweeted your tweets as well as the items you have retweeted as well.

How to Retweet with a RT

If you want the flexibility of adding to someone’s tweet or adjusting it so that you can fit all the characters

Option 1: Use a third party application like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or even a variety of iphone apps including the free app called echofon. They all have retweet functions that allow you to edit the original tweet. If you are going to edit the original, try to maintain the integrity of the original message. Your comments can go before the RT.

If you are using a third party application and you have it set up to post to both twitter and facebook (or any other social media), the RT usually is not included.  Instead at the end of the post use parenthesis with the word via.

For example you could post this to facebook and twitter:  How To and Why To Retweet (via @CoachLaura)

Option 2: The most efficient way in twitter to do a “Manual Retweet” is to go to the person’s twitter page, highlight and copy the original tweet and then click the Reply link.

  1. Type RT in front of the @ sign  and add a space
  2. Then place your cursor after their name and add a space
  3. Paste in your message.
  4. Edit the message to make it fit

If you are going to alter the meaning of the original tweet do NOT use the RT. It is no longer considered a retweet. You can make it a reply or mention them.  It’s always nice to credit someone if you got the idea from them.

What to Retweet

Remember, just as @Zappos says (and @Aplusk tweeted and I retweeted) about his  conversation with @Zappos… “All tweets should Inspire, Connect, Entertain or Educate”… this is his ICEE Theory.

Retweeting is an excellent way to acknowledge others, easily stay active on twitter and proliferate good information, good feelings and connect more people to each other.

Happy Retweeting!

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