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grow email listIf you’re in business, your success in today’s digital world can be hugely amplified if you grow your email list. Many rising entrepreneurs are so proud when they finally get their new website up and announce it to the world. They have a beautiful logo created and included pages like about us, contact us, services and products (with buy buttons), and maybe even a blog. That’s great, but when someone finds your website who isn’t quite ready to buy your services and is just starting their journey, how can you make sure they do find you when the need becomes more urgent? The answer is… (read more)

If you get their email address, then you can create a system of keeping in touch with them on a regular basis such that when the need arises, they either think of you or a message from you happens to be in their inbox at that perfect time.

You might be thinking, “Why do I need an email list when there is social media. I’ll just post news, information, tips, and specials there and everybody can see it regularly.” Well, you’ll be lucky if they actually see it. Your posts are not seen by the majority of people who like your page or follow you on Twitter. Why? The short answer is because social media is a very noisy place. On Twitter in particular, if you post a tweet at 8 am Tuesday but your followers don’t check their Twitter stream by 9 am, chances are they won’t see your tweet as it goes way down the feed. On Facebook, under 10% of people who like a page actually see any posts from that page in their feed. So unless they are coming to your business page or you are paying to boost those posts, they will never see them. Facebook was not always like this. The thing to remember is that social media is like rented space. You don’t own it. Your website and email list is your owned real estate. So the better you get at connecting with your community/market using your own systems, the better your business visibility will be with your target audience.

How Do You Get People On Your Email List?

The best way to get people on your email list, is to offer them something to download instantly in exchange for their name and email. What you offer them must be interesting and valuable to them. For example if you’re a massage therapist you might share 10 Self-Massage Techniques for Reducing Stress, a Massage Coupon for $10 off and Weekly Relaxation eTip. If you’re a business coach, you might publish a white paper on Top 10 Business Trends for Business Acceleration.

To find out exactly what kind of giveaway your visitors would readily share their precious email address with you, survey your existing ideal clients and prospective clients. Come up with 5 ideas and ask for their opinion of how interested they would be in each topic. Then ask if offered a report with their preferred topic how likely would they be to give their name and email to get it.

Use A Professional Email Marketing System

Now that you know how important it is to grow your email list, you want to make sure that you use a professional system. That means you should NOT simply create a list of email addresses in your Outlook or gmail or similar). First of all, there are certain laws that you must abide by to legally send out email. For example, you must have a way for subscribers to opt-out or unsubscribe automatically. Secondly, you want to make sure that the various internet service providers don’t mark your email address as a spammer because you’ve sent out too many bulk email messages.

Instead use a professional email marketing system to grow and manage your email. Many of them have great tools for creating lists, sending out an automatic email with the link to the free download and beautiful templates for your newsletters and broadcast messages. You have probably heard of some of these systems. They include: GetResponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and MadMimi. There are literally hundreds more. These are some of the most popular ones available.

You’ll want to get clear on what your needs are compare features. Most do similar things. Next month I’ll discuss the things to look out for in email marketing systems.

Once you set up your email marketing system and auto-response email with the free download link, then you create a form and place it on your website.

How To Get People To Opt-In for Your Gift

Just because you put a form on your website, doesn’t mean you will get people to submit their name and email. You’ll want to announce your free giveaway on social media, to your personal email list (so that they get into your email system) and at events at which you’re networking or speaking.

A better use of Facebook ads is to announce your giveaway rather than boosting a post.

Share Your Email Giveaway

If you’ve got a great giveaway that you are using to grow your email list and want to share it, please comment below and share your link. Let’s help each other build each other’s email list by sharing this post and reminding our friends, fans and followers to add their links and choose others to opt-in to.