I’m no videographer but I know the value of sharing videos online for business. If you’re a business owner and you haven’t taken the time to put up a video with some educational or entertaining content about your industry, specialty or company, you are missing out on vital traffic to your website. The reason I say that is because every video posted on YouTube is indexed by google. In fact, google owns YouTube. Typically when you search for something on google you’ll see the video results come up first.

What type of content to include in your video?

You may be wondering what would be worthy of offering to the world on video. This is a valid concern. Many people put up videos that are like commercials about their business. Although this is a good first step, these kinds of videos often do not get much play. Instead (or in addition) think about what would your clients value learning or enjoy watching. If you are a craftsman or can show people how to do stuff offline or online, go for it.

For example, if you are a travel agent, you could put up videos of the various cruise ship cabins (including the cabin number). If you’re an artist, show yourself creating a new piece of art you have for sale. If you’re a professional, offer some very useful tips. If you would write an article on a topic, then you could do a video on it.

Being in marketing I should mention if you want something more entertaining that will most likely get views, include kids or pets (with fur) in your videos.

How long should the video be?

Believe it or not the optimal length of a video on YouTube is 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds. I know that sounds short, but why not break up a long video into shorts. Then you’ll have a series.

How can you make sure your YouTube video gets traffic?

Title your video with the keywords people who you want to watch would be searching for. Don’t title it from your perspective. If they want to learn how to get the lowest mortgage rate, use those words.

In the description, I recommend always stating with your URL including http://. This will make it clickable and create a link back to your site (great for SEO).

Get great results with filming your video!

I was inspired to write this blog post because of this video entitled “HOW TO Improve Video Quality The Cheap Way” by Cory Williams at smpfilms where he shows you how to:

  1. Create a cheap green screen by using bright green table cloths from Walmart
  2. Create soft lighting using a worklight (500 watt) available at Home Depot or the light.
  3. Use this shooting at the wall behind the camera to prevent shadows.
  4. Additional lighting with a desk lamp that has a GE Reveal lightbulb in it
  5. Place egg crates on the walls to prevent echos

He even has recommendations for new video camera users to check out the Canon, Panasonic or Sony camcorders. I just want to mention this is a bit of an older video so if you’re going to buy technology, do your research on the latest products available.


I personally am in the market for a camera that does video or a pocket video camera with audio input like Kodak’s zi8. So if you have any recommendations for video cameras or cameras with video recorders that you like, I welcome your suggestions. I particularly am looking for great sound where my “s” sounds don’t sound like I’m lisping.

Feel free to share your links to your best videos. We love to see your great work!