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Stumped with organizing projects, keeping track of document changes, and the email communication overload with regard to changes on various business projects, I started using the BizPad project management tool. Unlike Basecamp, ManyMoon, PivotalTracker, TeamWorkpm, Google Docs, and countless others that I have tried and abandoned, BizPad has had the BEST staying power for me and my team.

The primary reasons I use BizPad and find it such a powerful project management system are:

  1. BizPad is as easy to use as email
  2. it is fast as notepad to add and keep track of all my ideas
  3. it has the flexibility of a spreadsheet to organize information
  4. it makes delegating simple

Here are the ways in which I use BizPad for myself, with my colleagues, and with Virtual Assistants working on projects:

Personal Uses for BizPad. More than just a To Do List

Collaborative Uses

Great Features

So whether you’re planning an event, building out a website, working with a virtual assistant, leading a course, communicating with clients, or simply trying to keep your work organized, BizPad is a superb solution. It is by far the EASIEST tool I’ve ever worked with. Their support is great and they are continually enhancing the features.