Twenty years after reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I am rereading it and am amazed at the wisdom it holds that I have thrived because of. It’s well worth picking up again.  The inspiration for these posts on Stephen Covey was the Small Business Influencer Awards. It was an honor to participate and dedicate my efforts to Stephen Covey. What a thrill it was to come in sixth in votes from this loving and supportive community. The voting process began at the time of Covey’s passing. Thank you to everyone who supported me.  May these words inspire you as well.

Here are some more of my favorite Stephen Covey quotes and some thoughts and questions to contemplate.

How Well Are You Loving?

What matters when it all comes down to it, is not how much you acquired but how well you loved. Take time today to reflect upon what you can do to love more.

Stephen Covey Business Coach Love Laura Rubinstein Laura Rubenstein

Determine Your Priorities and Say No To Everything Else

Does this one hit home? Distractions are massive these days. Keep your priorities written and in front of you at all times. Use this list as your lighthouse to navigate you through the fog and keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

Stephen Covey Business Wisdom priorities  Laura Rubinstein Laura Rubenstein

Is It Urgent or Important?

What are you spending your time on? Is it the urgent or important? This question is one of the best time management tools out there. Know what’s important and spend your time there.

Stephen Covey Small Business Wisdom on Time Management

You Are A Product Of Your Decisions

What decisions have you made? Were they conscious? What decisions can you make that will get you where you want to go?

Stephen Covey Business coaching on Decisions Laura Rubinstein Laura Rubenstein

Trust Is Essential In Communication and Relationships

Building trust is not gained by words but by actions. When your actions and words match, you can build trust. How are you doing?

Stephen Covey small business wisdom on trust

You Are Destined For Greatness

I know this because your imagination has come up with great ideas. Those great ideas originated from a great source. YOU.

Stephen Covey Quote on imagination

Are You Focusing On The Main Thing?

It’s easy to focus on the small stuff and the daily fires. If you are a leader in your company, then you must hold your head up and look toward the horizon. Know what the main thing you are working toward is and keep it front and center when making your decisions.

Stephen Covey small wisdom quote

Use Your Calendar to Schedule Your Priorities

What are your priorities? Know them, live them, calendar them.

Stephen Covey quote priorities

Live In a Both-And World

So many people are vested in being right and making others wrong. What if we gave up the notion and approached conversations and relationship appreciating others perspectives?

Stephen Covey business relationships

All Improvement Comes from Self-Improvement

If you want change to occur, look within and notice how what needs to be changed externally also is related to something internally. Make a decision to change yourself and then watch how the circumstances around you change.

Stephen Covey quote on improvement

Share Your Favorite Stephen Covey Quote or Wisdom You’ve Received

What are your favorite quotes from mentors and other leaders that have helped you? Please share in the comments.

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