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It is common to feel stuck even when you have a strong mission about which you are passionate. If you can relate and want to get into the flow and tap into greater abundance, my interview with Sheevaun Moran reveals some subtle yet powerful techniques to create the business transformation you desire.

Sheevaun is a savvy business woman who works with high level executives in growth companies. She has a strong corporate background. When she fell ill after some major successes in her early business career, she found herself in a position where she discovered how to heal herself using energy and her innate wisdom. She repeated results with others including a woman who had a stroke. Since her love and expertise is in business, she started applying the techniques she used to heal herself and others to create healthy and thriving businesses. It worked again and again.

So what’s the secret to creating a thriving business? Get out of your own way! In other words, do a deep dive to explore your energy and learn how to shift it to make it work for you. In this interview, Sheevaun gives a great example of one technique she uses to get results by cutting out energies that are not serving you. There is a 10 minute glitch from 11:23 -20:49 – please scroll through to 20:49 when Sheevaun comes back on.

Heart centered entrepreneurs often times have conflicting energies about serving and receiving. If you’re ready to resolve your energy conflicts, reconnect to your inner wisdom, and get into the flow of abundance, Sheevaun is hosting an experiential program to transform your business. Learn more here. My readers receive $200 off the event price by using code: LAURA200 at checkout.

On November 13-16 in San Diego you’ll expand your ability to receive and set yourself up for a profitable 2015. See you there.IAmSuccessNowWisdom