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Best Practices Affiliate Copy

Your community is about to receive HUGE value with your participation and generosity to invite them to the free webinar:

Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Bottom Line 

The 1 hour webinar will be held LIVE on your scheduled date
At the scheduled time.
The replay will be sent to EVERYONE who opts-in

Here is the recommended schedule of promotional content:

  • Newsletter blurb: 2 weeks prior
  • Newsletter article: 10 days prior
  • Set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts to run throughout the 5 days prior
  • Solo email 1: 5-7 days prior
  • Solo email 2: 2 days prior

REPLACE the following in the content below

  • Replace your affiliate link with the link emailed to you by Laura
  • Replace your dates and times with the scheduled date and time
  • Insert a time zone link that Laura provides or get your own at

==PROMOTIONAL CONTENT to schedule and send==

To help you PROMOTE the Free Webinar here is some copy – replace where it says LINK below with your shortened link to opt-in page you have previously received from Laura. If you have have not received your shortened affiliate link, please contact Laura to have her send it to you.

Also replace DATE and TIME in copy below with the confirmed date of your webinar.

=============Newsletter Blurb==============

Do you have a social media marketing plan or do you find yourself getting lost in friends’ posts and wasting invaluable time? Is it time to get savvy about your social media marketing and gain new leads, more website traffic and ultimately increase your profits? Do you have clients who need to get their social media act together?

My dear friend, award winning Social Media & Marketing Mentor, Laura Rubinstein, is giving invaluable social media strategies and best practices to position you as the “go to” authority in your field. Get your books sold, website traffic exploding, and speaking engagement requests flowing. Reserve your spot and tell your peeps about this upcoming FREE training: LINK

==================End Newsletter Blurb===================

==============Newsletter Article===============

One of the best pieces of social media advice I’ve heard is from Coach Laura Rubinstein… “The way to generate buzz is to promote and praise others.” Seriously, you know the law of reciprocity works. What goes around really does come around. And on social media, if you share high quality information, you will be seen as a great resource and benevolent leader. To your followers, fans and connections you are providing important information, and to those you shared about, they will more than likely be happy to reciprocate.

Coach Laura “gets it” and has a formula that works for growing influence using social media. On DATE she is revealing Social Media Best Practices for Business Growth to boost the bottom line. Would you like more revenue from your social media efforts? Check out the training and discover the key elements that will make your social media work for you.  Make sure to reserve your spot here: LINK

========BEGIN Email Messages=========

==========Solo Email 1: 5-7 Days Prior =============

Subject: What’s Hot in Social Media?

Hey [fname],

Social media has revolutionized the way we stay
connected, buy, and meet new people. In fact, it
is hotter than ever for entrepreneurs and experts.
Are you as excited about it as I am?

I really hope so. Using social media has
revolutionized my business and it can do the same
for you business. In fact, using social media
strategically is one of the most effective ways to
get in front of a targeted group of interested

BUT… I can also appreciate the fact that perhaps
due to lack of time or attention you haven’t made
social media marketing a priority:-)

Well… for you I have good news, it’s the “next
best thing” to already knowing how to get your
social media working for you.

At this point you should already know that having
a great social media strategy is critical… some
of the most successful entrepreneurs today
catapulted to major success using sites like
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,
and Instagram.

That’s why I’ve invited Laura Rubinstein to share
her “Social Media Best Practices for Businesses to
Boost the Bottom Line”….

Laura is going give you the inside scoop on what
to focus on for your business regarding social
Here, check out the details:

Date: DATE
Time: 10 am Pacific/11 am Mountain /12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern

You’ll get the best practices on things like
getting free social media traffic, leveraging top
influencers to build your business, gain
visibility on a shoestring budget, and how to
convert your contacts into clients.

The best news is you don’t have to travel anywhere
to get all this. From the comfort of your own
computer, you’ll be able to watch Laura live and
partake in this one of a kind social media

It’s time to get serious about social media and
ignite your business. Your next step is to click
the link below and secure your spot. We have a
limited number of virtual seats for this hangout

So secure your slot now while they are still
Click here:

See you there!

Your Name
PS: Make sure you RSVP early:

========Solo Email 2 – 3 days prior ===========
Subject: Have you figured it out yet?

Hi [fname],

A few days ago I emailed letting you know that
social media is invaluable for your business when
done right. Have you figured out which social
media strategies will increase leads, position
yourself as an industry leader, and grow your
bottom line?

If you really want to know what the pros do and
don’t do on social media that gets them likes,
leads and sales, then you’ll want to “hangout”
with my friend Laura Rubinstein and I. This is
tell-ALL session. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s

RSVP here:

Mark your calendar
Date: September 26
Time: 10 am Pacific/11 am Mountain /12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern

Bring a pen and paper because you’re going to
discover Social Media Best Practices for
Businesses to Boost the Bottom Line –

And when you attend LIVE you’ll receive a special
report that will walk you
through step-by-step how to choose the right
networks on which your brand should engage.

See you there:

[your name]

============Tweets ============

Use your shortened link to opt-in page where it says LINK in the tweets below:

Are you building strategic relationships online? Learn how with @CoachLaura’s #Free training LINK

Is social media working for you? Check in with @CoachLaura and get savvy about social media marketing. LINK

“If you want business from social media, take your online connections offline.” Learn more from @CoachLaura LINK

How well does your business build relationships online? Learn #SavvySocialMedia mentor @CoachLaura’s formula LINK

===========Facebook/LinkedIn Posts====================

Add the webinar date and your shortened link in the posts below by replacing DATE with your date and LINK with your shortened link.

 Get your burning questions answered about social media best practices for boosting your business. DATE LINK

 Do you know where you should spend your time on social media to get more leads? Learn from Savvy Social Media Strategist Laura Rubinstein DATE LINK

Tired of spinning your wheels on social media? Me too! I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend and Savvy Social Media Mentor, Laura Rubinstein by way of her #free Social Media Best Practices webinar on DATE. You will discover simple ways to get more out of social media. Reserve your spot here: LINK


Post Images with The Link To Your Webinar

The are images on the webinar opt-in page available for you to copy
and upload to social media with the above Tweets and Facebook/LinkedIn posts


I look forward to a powerful JV relationship.

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