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Joanne Funch – Owner and FounderLaura, you have been such a giver of knowledge for so many years now.

Joanne Funch – Owner and Founder
GIR Promotions

Laura, you have been an inspiration to me, and always approachable, supportive and willing to help.

Jane Lynch
Giraffe Marketing

Laura has the ability to see an individual’s inner strengths and teach that individual to tune into and work with them.

Susan Brill Fodera

Walter Kuriger – CEO & PresidentLaura Rubinstein does such an amazing job in support of the business owner. She takes the time to fully understand what I need, in order to create exactly what I wanted.

Walter Kuriger – CEO & President
Cruise Planners (Oceanic Getaways, LLC)

Laura is an expert in her field and is generous in sharing, assisting, and encouraging the people she works with.

Ethel Breuche
Rutgers University

Laura is dedicated to making women stronger and successful in business and their personal relationships!

Lauryn Hudson Edwards – Franchise Owner/Instructor
Stroller Strides Chula Vista

Sharon McRillLaura is terrific, in a relaxed friendly way she is right there to help us all improve ourselves and our technology!

Sharon McRill
The Betty Brigade

Laura is passionate about what she does and is able to connect with people on a deep level.

Kathryn Warner Kirby

Laura offers valuable information and is always ready to assist.

Diane Wilson Rudi
International Business Development

Karen Silsby Laura goes out of her way to help and has inspired me to make changes in the way I use social media. She always has a positive and upbeat attitude about her that is awesome! I could go on and on about her. Suffice it to say, she puts 1000% into her work and her relationships!

Karen Silsby
K. S. Writing Services

Anastacia Brice – FounderI had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Laura last year when she graciously spoke about Social Media at an event I was having in San Diego. Her teaching style and personality really made a difference for everyone in the room, and she stayed through the evening to have dinner with the group and continued to engage and connect with them. She so very much walks her talk with regard to the power of relationship, and how to create them!

Anastacia Brice – Founder

When an award-winning agency as Cruise Planners, Inc., Coral Springs, FL., has Laura teaching all the franchise agents how to be a better agent with Social Media knowledge, you can take that to the bank. Integrity, professionalism, knowledge and just a nice person to know has all the earmarks of Laura Rubinstein.

Ron Dello Russo – Owner/Partner
Cruise Planners, Inc.

Laura has helped me out so much with her Social Media knowledge. I would not have had the success without her mentoring.

Bunny Muter
Cruise Planners, Inc.

Laura has been instrumental in helping brand new entrepreneurs find their focus and laser in on being a success. I will continue to refer clients to Laura as long as she is taking on new ones and probably long after! She is a joy to work with and the results always back up the effort! She is worth every bit of the investment.

Fragment 98, LLC

Laura is always so positive and enthusiastic! I love working with her and taking her workshops!

Madelyn Tyson – Owner & Manager
Cruise Planners, Inc.

Laura has great websites and is a great content provider for others making life easier for them.

Alan Copper
City University London

I support Laura because she is sincere and people-friendly in her marketing business…her expertise is top notch and cutting edge! Laura Rubinstein is a marketing ROCKSTAR!

Sheryl Piland
Wilby High School

Rhoberta Shaler"New to Pinterest and not knowing how to optimize it for my professional services, I went to Laura to shortcut my learning curve. She helped me immediately with advice on where to focus my time and attention. The result was that, within two weeks, my main website is garnering more referral traffic from Pinterest than from all other sources! Laura's expertise saved me weeks of experimentation and lead me to do just what was needed for those quick results. Thanks, Laura. You're amazing! "

Rhoberta Shaler
The Relationship Help Doctor

As someone recently acquainted with Laura, my perspective is……she Rocks! Laura leads by example, while being gracious and knowledgeable in sharing her expertise in Social Media.

Paula D’Andrea
Kick Ass Coach

Sue Urda – Co-founder and CEOI love Laura’s commitment, focus and wealth of knowledge. She’s an amazing woman and a keeper!

Sue Urda – Co-founder and CEO
Powerful You! Women’s Network

Lisa Mininni – PresidentCreative, heart-centered and strategic describe Laura Rubinstein. She is a true pioneer of social media services while helping thousands of entrepreneurs to get the word out about their businesses through Social Buzz Club. She’s an amazing woman doing amazing things…

Lisa Mininni – President

Maria Carter My life is blessed because of Laura! Besides being an amazing person, I often go to her for business wisdom. Thank you. Laura.

Maria Carter
Author, "Fall In Love With Your Life"

Suzan Tusson, CPCC, AuthorLaura has been a tremendous support for me with my website, social media, marketing, and other business consulting advice. She is a tireless advocate for entrepreneurs who gives generously of her time and expertise. Laura has a heart for service and a mind for business. I highly recommend her!

Suzan Tusson, CPCC, Author
Women At P.L.A.Y.!

Ileane Smith – OwnerLaura Rubinstein has made a major impact on the lives of some many small business owners. She’s an excellent coach, trainer and mentor.

Ileane Smith – Owner
Basic Blog Tips

Satya Kalra – Founder, PresidentGreat friend, great coach and on top of this she is a great human being. Laura you deserve much more than a nomination. Love.

Satya Kalra – Founder, President
Path to Anandam

Monique Ellingsen Ramsey – Founder, CCO, and Social ButterflyLaura walks the talk, and then some! She is a great teacher and so generous with her time. Most of all , she is so innovative. Social Buzz Club is a brilliant concept.

Monique Ellingsen Ramsey – Founder, CCO, and Social Butterfly

Laura is a great mentor. She gave me her time and expertise in the marketing of my business. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares with entrepreneurs generously.

Jackie Whipple , RN

Laura is the inspiration as well as the fulfillment of all we can be of stewards of the grace we share with others. Her Light, Generosity of Spirit & the Quality of Life Laura manifests has contributed greatly to the Quality of Life of whoever comes within her sight and sound. A member of an ancient race won in realms long remembered in grace, confidence, and clarity. She sees clearly, is strong in spirit, justice, courage, benevolence. Fast to rise in love, to forgive, rebound, & dance in the light.

Nanci J. Hartland – CEO
Lifetracks Global Foundation, Inc.

Cheryl Modjoros-Elman – President & Certified Consulting Hypnotist,Laura Rubinstein is a great presenter and is supportive of all professionals she meets. She goes out of her way to help each business owner find their niche, and to teach them how to promote themselves in the ever changing market of social media. Laura has helped to guide me in international branding of our products. Congratulations on this nomination Laura. It is well deserved.

Cheryl Modjoros-Elman – President & Certified Consulting Hypnotist,
Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

If anyone deserves this award it is Laura Rubinstein. Have known Laura for over 20 years as a biz partner, entrepreneur, mentor, teacher, relationship expert and a downright awesome friend. In all these areas she has been the gift of empowerment, and always with a smile and a stand for our greatness. What makes Laura unique is her ability to transform people’s lives with her generous nature, her commitment to integrity, her love of people and her commitment to everyone’s success.

Mary A. Garcia

Lin Klaassen – CEO and FounderLaura Rubinstein is amazing in many different ways – her ability to get right to the need of a client and her ability to create understanding and actions needed to be taken. Her Social Buzz Club is a great tool to all. She deserves this award for sure!

Lin Klaassen – CEO and Founder
Face Reading By Lin

Gina Carr Laura is helping thousands (maybe even millions) of people understand and use social media through her Social Buzz Club. The Social Buzz University provides outstanding free social media education every week. I’ve learned a lot from her!

Gina Carr
Chief Tribe Builder

Laura has helped so many small business people through Social Buzz Club. There are many areas in business where Laura helps and coaches others. I’ve learned so much from her training and by modeling her social media and marketing actions.

Denise Sonnenberg – Social Media Consultant
Social Media Dot Connection

Laura, you are a wealth of information. Your coaching is crystal clear and easy to follow. You give 100%...or more. You care about the people you serve and their results.

Sandra Ateca

Laura offers so much information and help!

Denice Games

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