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Feminine Power Movement

February 2, 2009 marks the day the Feminine Power Movement takes off….

The ERA of the Superwoman is over…. Watch our video.


We have over two dozen amazing Feminine Power Leaders.  I am so grateful for the generosity of these partners. Collectively they are offering over $3,000 worth of  amazing tools, resources and coaching that  you can take advantage of along with your purchase of  the Feminine Power Cards.

To learn more about the Feminine Power Cards and what our Feminine Power Partners are offering starting February 2nd, visit:

Here is a list of some our Feminine Power Partners:

Marcia Wedier –
Marsh Engle –
Kendra Brodin –
Lisa Mininni-
Phoebe Chongchua-
Suzi Pomerantz-
Lori Smith-
Rhoberta Shaler-
Nancy Marmolejo-

And more…

We have over $3,500 in gifts that our Feminine Power Partners are giving away during the Feminine Power Launch.

Change is happening.

With the feminine power movement, get ready for the shift to happen NOW.

Looking forward to playing in the feminine with you.

Coach Laura
Feb 2 Launch:

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